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Goji Web: Adobe Partner and Reseller

Goji Web is Australia’s only authorised Adobe Analytics reseller, able to directly sell Adobe Analytics licences at a competitive cost to end companies.

If you are interested in purchasing a one, two or three year licence to Adobe Analytics, please make contact via our easy online form.

Adobe Marketing Cloud / Adobe Experience Cloud Pricing

If you are considering transitioning your marketing stack to the Adobe Marketing Cloud, you won’t be disappointed.

Adobe offers a complete range of integrated, interconnected solutions, divided into 3 primary product suites.

Together, the Marketing, Advertising and Analytics stacks are now collectively known as the Adobe Experience Cloud.

The Adobe Experience Cloud offers real-time dashboards and a drop down interface that allows users to analyse data and combine content.

Goji Web is a Specialised Adobe Partner. Our services include campaign execution and support in the following platforms:

The Adobe Marketing Cloud 

  • Adobe Target – Adobe’s onsite personalisation and onsite testing platform. Target allows for split-testing, behavioural targeting, personalised recommendations and site search
  • Adobe Primetime – a multi-screen TV platform to create and monetise engaging, personalised viewing experiences

The Adobe Advertising Cloud

  • Programmatic ad buying solution that helps you forecast the best mix of search, display, and social ads based on your budget

The Adobe Analytics Cloud

  • Adobe Audience Manager – Data Management platform to combine your 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data, ensuring you get a 360 view of your users
  • Adobe Analytics – An Enterprise level, Web Analytics platform with state of the art capabilities


Our Adobe Marketing Cloud Services

Goji provides a professional and cost effective service to companies in Australia and New Zealand as an Adobe Experience Cloud solutions partner.

We are experienced in using and implementing Adobe’s wide suite of marketing cloud products to give your business an advantage over your competitors.

Great – How do I Get Started?

Adobe advises that you work in tandem with a partner when transitioning your marketing, advertising and analytics assets over to their platform. At Goji Web, we use qualified, experienced consultants in setting up your marketing cloud instances.

Goji Sydney office

Goji’s Sydney Office, Phillip St

Implementation and set up needs to be customised to suit your business goals. We use a framework for requirement gathering, project planning, implementation, testing and deployment. As this is carried out primarily on enterprise level websites, the need for ensuring the continuity and security of your company’s web data is our highest priority.

After implementation is complete, our work begins to ensure you get the most out of Adobe’s Experience Cloud products. We provide training, second-level support and consulting services in Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions. For more information or to obtain prices for these services, please use our easy online form and a Goji representative will be in touch within 24 hours.

Adobe Experience Cloud

Each of the Adobe Experience Cloud solutions are priced in their own way. There is no single pricing standard across the marketing cloud, however to get the conversation started on Adobe platform pricing, let us help. Fill out our contact form so that we can make contact and run you through a questionnaire to scope your requirements. Once this is complete, we can provide a quote for your solution.


About Goji

Goji is one of a select few specialised Adobe Partners in the Asia Pacific region. We solve two key challenges for our clients:

  1. Selecting and integrating Adobe platforms that maximise profitability, efficiency and customer experience
  2. Campaign Execution to successfully advertise, personalise, analyse and optimise company web assets

Platforms we specialise in include:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Audience Manager DMP
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud – across Video, Search, Display, Programmatic
  • Adobe Target
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Experience Manager

Make contact to start a conversation about how we can help you achieve your goals.





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